Dr. Hosein Piranfar

Director of Studies in PhD program
Economics, Quality Management, Operations Management, Modelling and Measuring Risk, Enterprise Risk, Business Statistics, Project Management.

Dr. Dung Viet Tran

Lecturer in Finance – Banking University Ho Chi Minh city
Corporate finance, Capital structure, Dividend policy, Bank risk taking behaviors, Earnings management, Systemic risk

Dr. Ha Thi Thieu Dao

Dean of International Economics Faculty, Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City (BUH)
Research interests:
Macroeconomics, monetary policy (economics), micro-finance (finance – banking), policies to support small and medium enterprises (development economics).
Foreign languages: English and French

Dr. Mohammed Abdel

Professor in Banking
Islamic Banks and Finance, Scientific Research Management, Investment Management, Islamic Economics.

Dr. Peter Moffatt

Professor of Econometrics – School of Economics
Experimetrics; Econometric modelling of data from economic experiments; Modelling of risk attitude; Discrete choice models; Financial Econometrics, including option pricing models.

Dr. Reza Houston

Assistant Professor of Finance
Reza Houston, Assistant Professor of Finance

Dr. Sabri Mohammad

Lecturer in Islamic Finance, Acting Registrar
Islamic Banking, Finance and Management; Islamic Law, Education, Risk Management, Liquidity.

Dr. John Webb

Education Consultant
Finance, Management, Taxation, Leadership, Accounting, Corporate Governance

Dr. Rakesh Gupta

Senior Lecturer in Finance
Corporate finance, International investments, Market integration, Portfolio theory, Capital structure, Dividend policy, Bank risk taking behaviors

Dr. Mohammad Kabir Hassan

Department of Economics and Finance University of New Orleans
Research interest:
Financial Institutions and Markets, Emerging Markets and Financial Development, International Finance, Applied Economics, Corporate Finance, Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance

Dr. Calla Wiemer

Journal of Asian Economics, Editor-in-Chief American Committee on Asian Economic Studies, President
Research interest:
Global resource competition; macroeconomic measurement and assessment;international trade; cross-border economic cooperation involving China, Southeast Asia, andCentral Asia; human development; sample survey operations; regional development; incomedistribution; labor economics; economic development

Dr. Pasquale Sgro

Chair in Economics Faculty of Business and Law BL Deakin Business School
Research interest:
International Trade, Microeconomics