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Dr. Ha Thi Thieu Dao

1. Overview:

Associate Professor Thieu-Dao Ha is the Dean of the International Economics Faculty, Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City (BUH), Vietnam. She has published numerous articles and successfully managed several research projects at the national, ministerial and provincial levels. She is currently a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management. She has been a reviewer for several journals, such as Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, Journal of Poverty, Journal of Economic Development, and Journal of Economics and Development. She is an official expert of the State Bank of Vietnam (the central bank of Vietnam) and she actively participates in community activities as a council member of the Regional Network of Poverty Eradication (RENPER).

2. Qualifications:

2002 – 2006 Ph.D. in Economics, University of Economics and Law, National University of Ho Chi Minh City.
1997 – 1999 M.A. in Development Economics, The Vietnam – Netherlands project, University of Economics, National University of Ho Chi Minh City, and Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, the Netherlands
1997 – 1999 B.A. in English Teaching, College of Foreign Languages, National University of Ha Noi
1992 – 1996 B.A. in Finance, Money and Banking, University of Finance and Accounting of Ho Chi Minh City

3. Employment:

2016 – Now Dean of International Economics Faculty, BUH
2014 – 2016 Dean of International Economics Faculty cum Chief Editor of Banking Technology Review, BUH
2010 – 2014 Chief Editor of Banking Technology Review, BUH
2007 – 2010 Deputy in Chief of Banking Technology Review
1999 – 2007 Lecturer, BUH
1996 – 1997 Foreign Currency Accountant, Industrial and Commercial Bank of Vietnam

4. Selected Publications:

To, A. H., Ha, D. T.-T., Nguyen, H. M., & Vo, D. H. (2019). The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Environment Degradation: Evidence from Emerging Markets in Asia. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(9), 1636. MDPI AG. Retrieved from http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/ijerph16091636(SSCI, IF 2.9).
Dao, H. T. T., Mai, N. T., & Kim, N. T. (2016). Accessibility to credit of small medium enterprises in Vietnam. Afro-Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, 6(3), 241-257 (Scopus, Q3).
Dao, H.T.T.& Duc, V. H. (2014). Loan-deposit maturity mismatch in the Vietnamese commercial banks. ICFE 2014 – The International Conference on Finance and Economics, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (ISI Proceedings).
Dao, H. T. T. & Tai, L. V. (2014). Agricultural Insurance Market Development – the role of Vietnamese Government. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, United Kingdom.

5. Proposals:

Topic 1. Agricultural insurance
In recent years, despite receiving a lot of support from the government, agricultural insurance revenue has reached only 0.11% of total non-life insurance revenue. A dilemma situation exists persistently in agricultural insurance. The farmers who face low risk are not inclined to purchase insurance, while the insurance companies tend not to involve in this market where there is too much risk. Therefore, which factors that attract farmers to participate in agricultural insurance (especially with the appropriate premium) is an important issue that need to be addressed.
Topic 2. Financial literacy
According to the Global Financial Literacy Survey 2014 of Standard and Poor’s, the financial literacy of Vietnam, along with some other ASEAN countries, is ranked at the bottom of the list. This situation adversely affects the accessibility to financial services of individuals and businesses, especially small and medium enterprises. Consequently, implications for improving the financial literacy of business, especially small and medium enterprises, should be investigated.
Topic 3. Systemic banking
In the context of financial integration, with increasing capital flows, and thereby an increasing spillover effect of the instability from developed countries to developing countries, systemic risk is considered a potential risk for the banks in developing countries. In order to minimize risks, it is necessary to understand the perceptions and behaviors of employees in Vietnamese banks on systemic risk.


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