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Dr. Calla Wiemer

1. Overview:

Dr. Calla Wiemer has done consultation work for numerous clients such as US Defense Department; Asian Development Bank; China Development Research
Foundation; World Bank; Ford Foundation; American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. Her main interest focuses in global resource competition, macroeconomics an microeconomics, measurement and assesstment as well as cross-border economic cooperation across China, Southeast Asia and Central Asia. Dr. Calla Wiemer contributes to the development of economic research with briefs and documentary:

2. Qualifications:

– Ph.D., Economics, University of Wisconsin–Madison (1984)
– Dissertation: An Economic Analysis of Schistosomiasis Control Programs in the PRC
– Class attendance & research, Nanjing University, China (02/1981 – 06/1982)
– M.S., Economics, University of Wisconsin–Madison (1979)
– B.A., Economics, Drury University (1977)

3. Employment:

– University of the Philippines, School of Economics, Fellow
– Journal of Asian Economics, Editor-in-Chief
– American Committee on Asian Economic Studies, President
– KDI School of Public Policy & Management, University of the Philippines, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Claremont McKenna College, National University of Singapore, University of Hawaii at Manoa,Visiting professor

4. Selected publications:

– Calla Wiemer & Carl BONHAM, “Chinese Saving Dynamics: The Impact of GDP Growth and the DependentShare”, Oxford Economic Papers, 65(1), January 2013.
– Calla Wiemer &LU Mai, “An End to China’s Agriculture Tax,” China: An International Journal, 3(2),September 2005: 320-330.
– Calla Wiemer &TIAN Xiuhua, “The Measurement of Small-Scale Industry for China’s GDP Accounts,” ChinaEconomic Review, 12(4), Jan. 2001: 317-322
– Calla Wiemer & LU Mai, “Prices: The Two-Tier Transition Process,” in Walter GALENSON, ed., China’sEconomic Reform (San Francisco: The 1990 Institute), 1993. Published in Chinese by SocialScience Documents Publishers (Beijing: Shehui Kexue Wenxian Chubanshe).
– Calla Wiemer &LIU Xiaoxuan, “Price Reform in China: The Transition to Rationality,” in M. Jan DUTTA and
ZHANG Zhongli (eds.), China’s Economic Reform, 1978-1988 (Greenwich, CT: Jai Press), 1991


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