PhD in Banking – Finance

PhD in Banking – Finance

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  • Start Course: 10/30/2019

Human resource is the decisive factor for the development of an organization as well as a nation. The level of human resources is a key measure of the development of an organization and that nation. In the current context of extensive industrialization and international integration, human resource development is considered the key to success. In human resource development, high quality human resources must be especially important. They are a team of management leaders, senior management, experts, scientists and leading experts in all sectors of the economy. Doctoral training is a basic step towards building a highly qualified scientific and management team to serve the country’s development.

Banking University Ho Chi Minh City was established in 1976 and has over 40 years of experience in banking and finance. The University is the leading unit in training and providing high quality human resources for banks, financial institutions, multinational companies, businesses, and regulatory agencies in the Southern region as well as the whole country. Banking University Ho Chi Minh City University found that University of Bolton (UK) is a partner with full prestige, experience and ability to teach and do research to cooperate in training. Since 2005, the two universities have implemented cooperation training programs for international bachelors (Business Administration and Accounting), international master’s degree (Business Administration) and these programs are still being implemented and developed.

The market demand for high quality human resources at management and senior management levels, experts, scientific staff and leading experts in Vietnam is still lacking and weak in financial-banking sector. Therefore, Banking University Ho Chi Minh City and University of Bolton exchanged and decided to organize a PhD program in Finance and Banking. The international PhD program in finance and banking between University of Bolton and Banking University Ho Chi Minh City will open the first course in September 2019.

The objective of the international PhD program in finance and banking is to train a team of scientists and managers with a high level of theory and practical competencies, capable of independent, creative research and ability to discover and solve new problems of significance in science, technology and practice in the field of finance and banking to contribute to the training of high quality human resources for industrialization – modernization of a country. In addition, the program aims to create opportunities and favorable conditions for Vietnamese and international students to access high quality PhD training programs and international qualifications.


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